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23 May '17 


Bit of prior warning here, this might be a little bit of a ramble style post, so be warned!

So, it's that time of the year every student hates. Exam season! I personally can find nothing worse than sitting in a room for 2 hours, having to remain silent the whole time, and having an internal meltdown when you don't know the first question, and think that your life is pretty much over, because that is me literally all the time when it comes to exams. You see, I like to procrastinate, and I do it a lot, way more than I should, but if I had the choice between my computer or maths revision, i'm going to choose my computer, it's a horrible habit that I have that I must one day get out of, but for now it will have to be there, lurking in the corner, waiting until I feel most productive to strike, and it always does. Every. Single. Time.

For some exams, certain people can fly through them, and be done with time to spare, usually this is because they have revised enough, or have a passion in the subject, whereas for me, a lot of my exams contain science or maths, and I am not a logical person, I am a creative one, give me a script to learn, easy peasy, ask me to work out the quadratic equation for a triangle, I can't, and revisions supposed to help, and it does, but only sometimes. I can be sitting down at my desk, creating sheets and sheets of revision notes, and not learn a single thing off them, simply because my brain doesn't want to, and for some reason it decides that any piece of information it is given, it will not remember. I am a very forgetful person, and strikes especially bad, at the most inconvenient of times, someone asked you to remember something? Too bad, something brought up in conversation regarding a past event? Too bad. It really is a curse.

This may sound all doom and gloom to you, but in all honestly, it depends on the exam I am sitting, for example, if I am sitting an exam that is more writing than working out, I will be fine, English I partially excel at this, and wish to take it to university if all my roads lead the right way for me, but it depends what happens in the next few years, and how I feel then. Exams though, are something everyone has to go through at one point in their lives, and will certainly drive them down a stressful road, and as every teenager in the country is sitting the same exams at the moment, only time will tell how it will turn out.

But, atleast we all still have our health.

Until next time,


-Paradox <3