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2 Apr '17 

Why, hello there person of the internet! It seems you have stumbled upon my small corner of this website, so I guess let's introduce ourselves.

Hello, I'm Paradox, I am one half of the commentating team for the Noxsquad Gameshow, and I am typically found in the land of the sheep (Wales for you non-Welsh folk). I am writing here to welcome myself to this corner of the website, which was so kindly made by our very own, Mr Jammy4312. I aim to write more blogs on this part, detailing about me and other things such as my commentating skills (if there are any) and just other strange stuff that might pass my mind. I hope you enjoy your time frolicking around this bit of the website. It is certainly the coolest (you know, because I'm here).

You can typically find me on the Noxcrew Teamspeak, and feel free to say hello if you ever see me around: I promise I won't bite! Something you should also know about me is that I am a huge Doctor Who fan, like you cannot believe - we have a few people on here like that, and it's lovely to speak my theories on who the next Doctor might possibly be, and what might happen in the next episode. I also do the same with Sherlock, so if you love shows like that, you’ll certainly love our Teamspeak on the nights they're on. We are all generally a fun bunch of people, quite strange at times, and it is a very lovely place to hang around :P

I will hopefully be writing more in the near future, so be prepared for those, because only God knows what they will be about (probably whatever enters my head)

Until Next time!


-Paradox <3